Top 10 Reasons Clients Choose DCI
  1. Commitment to our Clients
    We make every effort to know and understand your unique insurance needs. Only then can we best utilize our expertise and help you with your various insurance options. We promote a relationship where we are seen as a valuable, contributing member of your business team or personal goals.

  2. Risk Management
    We believe that low-cost insurance is produced through low losses. Safety consciousness and loss control translates to fewer claims and lower premiums.

  3. Superior Pricing
    Due to our relationships with carriers and underwriters, we can negotiate superior pricing.

  4. Dedicated Service
    DCI is privately owned and managed, which allows our firm to bring personal attention to our clientele. Our goal is to provide world class protection combined with service that will exceed your expectations.

  5. We Provide Options
    Since we represent a variety of insurance companies, we know what options are available in the market. There is nothing more valuable than a consultative agent who considers your interests when shopping for coverage.

  6. We know where to find savings
    You may have a special need or may be eligible for unique discounts that only certain carriers offer. Good savings can be found - including discounts and credits on auto insurance for driving a hybrid vehicle, having multiple cars on a policy, being a good student, or possessing anti-theft systems - and agents can help you take advantage of these discounts.

  7. We find the best coverage for your unique situation
    The ultimate purpose of insurance is to protect you, your family, your business and, ultimately, your assets should the worst happen. It's not always about finding the lowest premium; it's about having the coverage you need. By having an established relationship with an agent, you will be in the best position to select the protection and price to meet your own situation.

  8. We're here to answer questions
    Let's face it: Insurance can be a complex subject. Many consumers have questions about insurance - from the very basic to the complicated - that they are hesitant to ask. We have the expertise to answer your questions and can take the time to make sure you understand all aspects of your policy.

  9. We provide multiple policies to save you money
    Auto insurance is the most common form of insurance protection, but home, umbrella, flood, and other business and personal insurance products become increasingly important as an individual's or company's circumstances become more complex. What's more, you can save by combining two or more insurance policies with one company, and you'll have one main contact person for all your insurance needs.

  10. We're Nearby
    Headquartered in Los Angeles County, in Southern California, DCI can manage and service your insurance needs via the telephone, internet or on-site. We look forward to meeting you and becoming a partner in protecting your business, family or home.